Kia Orana, Welcome to the Beautiful Cook Islands

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Romance in the Cooks

People leave The Cook Islands wishing they booked for just a few more days, as there is so much to see and do you’ll be hard pressed to fit it all in. With myriad dining choices you can eat somewhere different everyday and in the evenings with cocktail in hand judge where you deem the best spot to watch the Pacific sunset.

Choose how your days are filled. One day you may choose peaceful relaxation, interrupted only by intermittent dips into the magnificent lagoon to cool off, the next may be an eco-bike tour or a hike to the volcanic pinnacle while discovering the secrets of our tropical flora.

Enjoy a pampering facial or massage and then head out to an open-air bar for an evening of Rarotongan fun. As a couple there is nothing better than hiring a scooter and exploring the Island together then popping back to your boutique accommodation for a delicious meal of freshly caught fish and a glass of wine as you discuss your days adventures and plan for more tomorrow.


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