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If you’re looking for a more intrepid adventure, Atiu is the island for you. Unlock its mysteries, explore ancient caves, observe rare tropical bird life, and discover 36 secluded coral sand beaches.

With only 500 local Aituians living on the Island and only 600 visitors a year, Atiu is an eco traveller’s paradise. Makatea, or fossilized coral surrounds the island and continues to slowly rise from the seabed, resulting in fascinating topography, and providing the perfect landscape for adventures.

Rich in culture and history, Atiu is an eco-lovers paradise.


There are numerous limestone caves dotted around the island. These caves are continually being carved out by the interaction of fresh and salt water. Some even house pools of artesian water that create both beautiful and exciting swimming holes.

The caves also provide a home to one of our rare native birds, the Kopeka. This tiny bird nests deep in the limestone caverns and just like a bat navigates its way through the dark using sonar.

The island’s surrounding reef has risen to such an extent that one can often walk to the outer lagoon. From that reef the ocean floor drops away dramatically, and in the months of August, September and October this provides the perfect spot to watch the spectacular performances of migrating whales.

Your Coffee Fix

Atiu also has a thriving coffee business with Arabica coffee organically grown, hand picked and dried on the island. A visit to one of our coffee plantations is a fascinating experience.

Craft Beer, Island style

By night you must join us at a tumunu, or local beer club. The tumunu, which translates as “coconut trunk”, is a century old tradition where our people gather to discuss local events while drinking their delicious homebrewed fruit beer, which is of course stored in barrels, made from coconut trunks.

Arts and crafts

The Fibre Arts Studio also boasts an awesome array of both traditional and contemporary textile art and is well worth a visit.


For a truly unforgettable experience stay with one of our local families, or if you prefer you can book into the Atiu Villa’s where you’ll find a pool, Wi-Fi, tennis court and a restaurant to provide your evening meals.


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